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We preserve both photos and documents to digital media. Photographs and paper documents are our most valuable link to the past but, like memories, they fade with time. Sadly they can also be damaged or destroyed. (Click here for more information on restoration of damaged photos.) At Pixel Fairies we know how important it is to protect your links to the past.  After your images have been scanned and preserved digitally you will receive your disc along with your originals, unharmed.

You will be able to view your images online for 30 days and at your request we will maintain a copy of your data for 2 years at no additional charge. Click here to see how we can turn your photos into a memorable slideshow complete with music and transitions. Make sure you check out all the cool merchandise that you can personalize with your favorite photos too!

Pricing is as follows:

 All prices are per scan. Discs (CD or DVD) are additional . See pricing below. The disc required depends on the volume of pictures to be scanned.


Cost per scan

First 100

$.49 each


$.44 each




$.35 each


$2.00 + $1.00 each additional


$5.00 + $2.50 each additional


Grandma, who are those people in this picture? 

                   Ask us about digital labeling.



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